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Modular Offices & Prefab Spaces

Modular offices from Aeyro increase the efficiency of your existing space, and can be quickly set up without the hassle of typical construction methods.

Aeyro has accumulated years of experience in plant layout and design. Our capabilities allow us to customize standard configurations, resulting in custom-built solutions at competitive costs.

Applications include:

  • Quality-control offices
  • Shipping offices
  • Observation offices
  • Inventory/Parts Control offices

Aeyro’s design team can help you visualize your optimized space with layout, design, drawings and placement. Contact us to get a unique modular office for effective in-plant space utilization.

Our modular offices (also known as prefab buildings) are fully customizable to rediscover the industrial spaces in a plethora of possibilities. A wide range of construction options and features are available to meet whatever the application requires. Custom colors and designs will enhance the aesthetics of any building.

Do let us know of your unique requirements so that we can design, manufacture and install custom prefab office anywhere in New Jersey, USA.

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Standard Features

  • Standard aluminum extruded frame with insulated panels
  • Heavy-gauge 3’-0” x 7’-0” doors
  • Membrane roof with integral gutters
  • Clear glazing, open-able windows as required
  • Welded base with fork pockets


  • Exterior lighting and electrical packages
  • Extra-thick polyurethane-insulated wall panels
  • Benches and tables
  • Tinted glazing
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Sloped, corrugated panel roof
  • Special finishes or materials


  • Lead Time: standard: 3-6 weeks. Allow additional time for special design requests
  • Assembly: units may ship fully dis-assembled or partially fabricated depending on requirements
  • Installation: installation and setup by Aeyro or customer, per contract
  • Transportation: typically shipped via flatbed.
  • Engineering: stamped drawings are available where required for approval

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