Air and Humidity Control

Large industrial ceiling fans improve the working conditions in factories, industrial plants, and commercial production areas. Aeyro’s experience in the design and layout of industrial, commercial and agricultural facilities allows us to assist with positioning equipment for optimum efficiency.

Aeyro also offers specific humidity control products for industrial applications, whether it be candy production or metal storage facilities. We are happy to work directly with facility managers to provide cost-effective solutions.

large industrial ceiling fans
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Air and humidity control is an important feature of any leading industrial or agricultural facility. Applications including plant growing, livestock, material storage all require control of the indoor environment.

Aeyro has been directly involved with industrial and agricultural facilities, and offers cost-effective solutions to manage these challenges. We can coordinate installation with our subcontractors, or work directly with our client.

Some of our unique products include: large industrial ceiling fans up to 24 ft diameter, dehumidification and air handling equipment with non-corrosive fiberglass casings, other specific-purpose equipment. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your application..

Product Lines

  • Industrial Ceiling Fans (up to 24 ft diameter)
  • Direct-Drive Ventilation Fans
  • Fiberglass Casing Dehumidifier
  • Fiberglass Casing Air Handling Unit
  • Commercial Dehumidifiers


  • Candy production (dehumidification)
  • Indoor plant-growing (fans and dehumidification)
  • Livestock and poultry facilities (fans)
  • Long-term metal storage (dehumidification)
  • General production areas (fans)


  • Fan Design: direct-drive motor, 460v/3p/60h or 208-230v/3p/60h models available
  • Fan Controls: wide range of controls for either stand-alone or connected applications
  • Lead Time (Ceiling Fans): 10 – 12 business days
  • Lead Time (Custom Dehumidifier or Air Handling): 8 – 10 weeks
  • Submittal documents are issued for approval on all custom-built equipment. Add 2 weeks.
  • Design: computerized modeling software is used to design all custom-built equipment

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